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Gnomoria is designed so that in-depth combat isn't "forced" on the player. <ref>]</ref> Enemy difficulty does not scale with time by default, but with how you progress in the game; be careful not to delve "too greedily and too deep." Selecting the Peaceful difficulty during world creation will prevent any hostile monsters from spawning.

Doors will prevent enemies from passing but can be destroyed. When destroyed the door is left on the ground and can be placed back into position. Eventually door quality will reflect the door's durability; currently, it does not.<ref></ref>

Hostile creatures in Gnomoria are differentiated into surface invaders and underground monsters.

Wild Animals

Wild animals will wander into your kingdom occasionally but are not initially hostile; they will fight however if attacked or cornered.

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Invaders are creatures that spawn on the surface at the edges of the map. The number of enemies that appear depends on your kingdom's Total Worth and your Attack Size setting during world generation. The creatures that can spawn in this way are Goblins, Mants and Ogres. By default, all military squads will attack these enemies on sight.


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Monsters are creatures found below the surface beginning from level -8, spawning in any dark areas. The types of monsters encountered and their strength increases the deeper the level they are encountered in. They can be prevented from spawning in an area by placing torches, although this will not prevent them from spawning at any exposed map edges. By default all military squads attack monsters on sight except Golems.

Monsters will only spawn near your gnomes (16 tiles or 2 floors away), so you don't have to light up a whole level to prevent spawns - only within 16 squares of where your gnomes usually are.

Enemy Depth (Normal) Notes
Skeleton -8 Skeletons carry weapons and can have a helmet and breastplate.
Golem -8 Strength depends on the materials of the level it spawns on.
Zombie -8 Zombie bites that contacts blood will infect victims with a Zombie Virus that turns them into Zombies if they are killed.
Beetle -10 If left alone, Beetles will create cocoons that mature into more beetles. This process can continue indefinitely.
Spider -78 Spiders are extremely dangerous.


  • Goblins, Ogres and Two-Headed Ogres come from the same kingdom per game. Names include "Crucifixionmusic" and "Pissgrowl".
  • Mants have no kingdom.
  • Mants and Skeletons are always female while Golems are genderless.



Hostile Creatures
Above ground Goblin Unarmed GoblinGoblin FighterGoblin SoldierGoblin WarriorGoblin Officer
Mant Mant ScoutMant Worker
Ogre OgreTwo-headed Ogre
Wild Animal Honey BadgerMonitor LizardBear
Below ground
Golem Dirt GolemClay GolemLapis-Lazuli GolemBasalt GolemMarble Golem
Other BeetlesSkeletonSpiderZombie