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The following is an automatically generated list from the Gnomoria Bugzilla


Number of bugs by Milestone

A milestone is the version that the bug is expected to be fixed by


Marked as fixed in next version

752Mining next to a torch causes gnomes to pick up torchRESOLVEDFIXED

Unresolved Bugs

IDStatusSummary (293 tasks) Milestone
646UNCONFIRMEDEnemy pathed through floor0.8.46
11CONFIRMEDNegative sign behavior in Kingdom Center boxes---
15UNCONFIRMEDBuilders steal from each other---
33UNCONFIRMEDFrame rate occasionally drops to ~5 when it's raining.---
45UNCONFIRMEDHauler invisible---
85UNCONFIRMEDassigned gnomes getting stuck together at same square when assigned to squad---
89CONFIRMEDCorner Walls on 2nd Story---
100CONFIRMEDCan't pan with keys while cursor is over header block---
110CONFIRMEDUsing "Cancel Job" after using "Remove Ramp" on several levels only cancels one level---
115UNCONFIRMEDwild plants from previously designated farm grow through stone wall---
122UNCONFIRMEDNone of the Haulers will pick up this one hand axe and take to my weapon stockpile.---
128UNCONFIRMEDMilitary replaces weapons at inopportune times---
200UNCONFIRMEDGolems spawning in light---
202UNCONFIRMEDHuge lag after new gnomes arrive and they dont have acess to your base---
210UNCONFIRMEDMising Microsoft XNA framework instaler---
211UNCONFIRMED[] Armor skill does not increarse---
214UNCONFIRMED0.8.8.0 Gnomes can't take items to stock pile---
222UNCONFIRMEDBugs with ranged weapons stockpiling and duplicating []---
226UNCONFIRMEDsteam engines---
235UNCONFIRMEDArmour on corpses not puts out---
257UNCONFIRMED8.12.1 Freeze Up,---
285IN_PROGRESSGnomoria crashes after creating new world---
291UNCONFIRMEDGnomes getting stuck when going to a fight---
292CONFIRMEDMerchant is visible in dark without light---
293UNCONFIRMEDGame Refuses to load---
295CONFIRMEDPine log lands on FizzleFizzle has died (missing space?)---
303UNCONFIRMEDPickaxe can't be take if you dig a stairs---
309UNCONFIRMEDGnomes idle themselves to death---
315CONFIRMEDArmor piece is being displayed on wrong level.---
316UNCONFIRMEDTwo types of "buildings" at the same square.---
317UNCONFIRMEDSpider missing fang material---
318UNCONFIRMEDToo many merchants causes game to lag extensively---
321UNCONFIRMEDCaretakers not caretaking---
339UNCONFIRMED[] Soldier gnomes stuck in combat---
340UNCONFIRMEDGnomes drop primary weapon at bandages when "retreat if bleeding" option is ticked and second hand full.---
343UNCONFIRMEDMants attack even though i killed the scout---
344UNCONFIRMEDGnomes suddenly missing pathfinding, stuck till die.---
348UNCONFIRMEDTailor stops if walled in.---
355UNCONFIRMEDplanting tree on a large tamp bottom---
361UNCONFIRMEDTraining grounds overrides do not attack emneys---
365UNCONFIRMEDgnome trying to put an item in use into a stock pile---
371CONFIRMED[ver] Game lag w/too many objects & queued "Mine Wall" areas---
373UNCONFIRMED1 armed gnome gets stuck picking up 2handed weapon---
379UNCONFIRMED8.18: trigger miner goes idle for a long time---
382UNCONFIRMED[0.8.18] Strange Training Grounds Behavior---
398UNCONFIRMEDBuilders freeze forever after building furniture---
400UNCONFIRMEDWalking Glove?---
404UNCONFIRMEDCrossbowmen continually go to resupply rather than fight---
408UNCONFIRMEDGnomes still haul to suspended stockpiles---
409UNCONFIRMEDHospital tasks not being un-set---
410UNCONFIRMEDGnomes go idle when added to a Squad---
417UNCONFIRMEDBroken workshop builder + workaround---
418UNCONFIRMEDSoldiers stuck on idle & stuck on food.---
419UNCONFIRMEDforge not working---
421UNCONFIRMEDGnomes get stuck near stairs carved into rock walls w/ jewels---
426UNCONFIRMEDGnomes path into/very along side enemies---
428UNCONFIRMEDUnresponsive GUI---
433UNCONFIRMEDThe game does lag when the population is bigger as 38 or 39 gnomes---
435UNCONFIRMEDYaks are not properly distributed between pastures(only ones gets filled and overwhelmed)---
437UNCONFIRMEDGnomes dying of thirst---
439UNCONFIRMEDDirt floors placed in winter(or any not summer) won't grow grass on summer---
441UNCONFIRMEDTileset: clothing alpha issues---
442UNCONFIRMEDCannot build floors at the top of ramps---
444UNCONFIRMEDbroken spawning mechanic past 500k KW---
445UNCONFIRMEDHugh fps drop after miners get stuck---
447UNCONFIRMEDMants invasion is out of propotions to foodstocks if foodstocks are low.---
448UNCONFIRMEDMaterial is disappearing---
449UNCONFIRMEDUnable to pause while mouse is hovering over action bar/any window---
451UNCONFIRMEDThe dig order "Stairs Down" is sometimes ignored by Miners---
452UNCONFIRMEDA worker without a tool will get stuck with a task requiring a tool---
453UNCONFIRMEDWorkers carry items to other tasks---
455UNCONFIRMEDButcher Shop at Efficiency 0% can cause Butchers to walk slowly---
456UNCONFIRMEDGnomes not fighting ...---
458UNCONFIRMEDTrying to stock item; not in stockpile---
462UNCONFIRMEDConstruction Problems---
466CONFIRMEDGnomes should stop running across the map to help with an already-finished battle---
468UNCONFIRMEDmerchant Wont leave---
469UNCONFIRMED0.8.24 missing in the version selection---
470UNCONFIRMEDswitching from fullscreen to windowed mode and back causes graphics errors---
471UNCONFIRMEDSurface spawns dying of thirst on top of mountains---
472UNCONFIRMEDsee boot on layer under---
473UNCONFIRMEDCurrupts the save game when deconstructing a certain staircase.---
474UNCONFIRMEDGetting stuck in a windmill after building it if one is next to it.---
475UNCONFIRMEDenemies can attack through closed hatches---
482UNCONFIRMEDRanchers try to butcher the same animal---
483UNCONFIRMEDStrange behavior of 'Create To' production in Kitchen workshop---
484UNCONFIRMEDRanged soldiers drop quivers when not on duty---
485UNCONFIRMEDLead and tin ore being combined into tin bars.---
487UNCONFIRMEDCan't click and drag under menus---
488UNCONFIRMEDDisappearing equipment and weird hauling behavior.---
489UNCONFIRMEDDistillery can only be built when a wooden table exist---
491UNCONFIRMEDA gnome sent 2 stone tables and a wooden one to the same construction job(market stall)---
493UNCONFIRMEDMilitary - Training - Ranged Archers vs Melee Soldiers Issue.---
494UNCONFIRMEDTasks - Tasks of Dead Gnomes not Canceled Automatically/Cannot be Canceled Manually---
495UNCONFIRMEDMerchants do not bandage.---
496UNCONFIRMEDBroken Ranged Combat---
499UNCONFIRMEDIron helmet duplicated - dropped from goblin---
500UNCONFIRMEDMarket stall allows the trade after merchant dies---
501UNCONFIRMEDEquipped items count towards "craft to" number---
510UNCONFIRMED[Bug] Bandage choice ignores pathing/vertical distance---
511UNCONFIRMEDRanchers not assigning animals to pastures---
513UNCONFIRMEDRanchers not butchering at certain butcher shops---
517UNCONFIRMEDBuilding/Deconstructing floor---
518UNCONFIRMEDBuilding/Deconstructing floor---
519UNCONFIRMEDSuggestion: windows either (sapphire) glass or half blocks---
529UNCONFIRMEDGrove priority is a lie---
530UNCONFIRMEDWater gone from a round closed cahnnel, connecting two lakes---
531UNCONFIRMEDFurniture quality disappears when placed---
532UNCONFIRMEDMant's health---
540UNCONFIRMED[0.8.30]Menu+Spacebar Bug---
547UNCONFIRMEDGame receives input (mouse clicks) when not active.---
567UNCONFIRMEDGnome names in Population menu do not refresh when you type a new one.---
570UNCONFIRMEDGnomoria stops running when the display turns off---
574UNCONFIRMEDPathfinding and drowning in water.---
576CONFIRMED[Crash] Game.Character.CheckSurroundings - Zombie corpse problem---
580UNCONFIRMEDGnomes can "grab" animals on pastures though roofs---
590UNCONFIRMEDSmelter trying to smelt equipped armor---
593UNCONFIRMEDChisel does not get crafted when Stonemason is built before Stonecutter---
594UNCONFIRMEDClicking two buttons on different windows without moving the mouse make the click go "though" the UI---
596UNCONFIRMEDItem history not deleted after selling items.---
597UNCONFIRMEDgrass not glow---
598UNCONFIRMEDcamera moved to a wrong position when rotate---
599UNCONFIRMEDAI is obtuse when 2 gnome dig ramp down or build walls---
600UNCONFIRMEDWonky Pathfinding on gnomes "in the same level"---
604UNCONFIRMEDFPS drops when gnomes are idle---
605UNCONFIRMEDthatch inclines draw error---
608UNCONFIRMEDRandom field highlighting---
609UNCONFIRMEDReplacing floor under workshop disables the workshop---
613UNCONFIRMEDDeadlock through eat, drink and sleep---
616UNCONFIRMEDContainer items (crate/barrel/sack) have no stockpile options---
618UNCONFIRMEDTraining grounds not working.---
619UNCONFIRMEDRandom Holes---
625UNCONFIRMEDMarket stall needs same material tables but queues up different ones.---
626UNCONFIRMEDRendering issues---
627UNCONFIRMEDMore bears---
628UNCONFIRMEDGnomes unable to forge tin bars, can forge copper/silver though---
629UNCONFIRMEDSuggestion: Splints---
635UNCONFIRMEDMonks not engaging in combat---
651UNCONFIRMEDGnomes dying of thirst after dismantling well---
653UNCONFIRMEDGame unpausing when panel is closed---
654UNCONFIRMEDEvents can lead to crazy orders---
658UNCONFIRMED0.8.46 - Military Mouseover/Tooltip Not Clearing (Possible Regression Defect) (w/ Screenshot)---
659UNCONFIRMEDObject reference not set to an instance of an object.---
662UNCONFIRMEDAlpaca gets butchered after being bought---
663UNCONFIRMEDGoblin loses arm to blade trap, does not drop weapon---
665UNCONFIRMEDYaks are always exhausted---
667UNCONFIRMEDGame freezes---
668UNCONFIRMEDGnomes won't prioritize work station based on materials---
670UNCONFIRMEDGnome can't use stonecutter, cycles job rapidly---
672UNCONFIRMEDSome Jobs Not Completing---
679UNCONFIRMEDPathfinding Bug---
685UNCONFIRMEDLayer display guilt(0.8.50 in fact)---
691UNCONFIRMEDFloor tiles under Forge not replaced---
693UNCONFIRMEDCorpses don't seem to rot away underwater like on land---
695UNCONFIRMEDSmelter in loop looking for nonexistant item---
699UNCONFIRMEDGrass not spread if it flooded by rain---
701UNCONFIRMEDlock up---
703UNCONFIRMEDAlpacas not producing fiber * 8.51.1 *---
705UNCONFIRMEDMonitor Lizard arm show as monitor lizard---
707CONFIRMED[Intermittent Crash] Having upwards of 30,000+ items (dirt, stone, etc) can cause crashes and extremely long loading times---
708UNCONFIRMEDWindows and/or panels need to be resizable---
709UNCONFIRMEDSmelting Malachite produces malachite bars instead of copper---
710UNCONFIRMEDLivestock body parts look like the whole---
713UNCONFIRMED[Crash] "Value does not fall within the expected range"---
714UNCONFIRMEDWheelbarrow trying to haul Wheelbarrow---
715CONFIRMEDMerchants stopped arriving after Winter Year 1---
718UNCONFIRMEDsold clumps not removed from stockpile---
724UNCONFIRMEDGnomes don't work in some workshops---
725UNCONFIRMED[Crash] System.ThrowHelper.ThrowInvalidOperationException - Crash, then world deleted---
726UNCONFIRMEDWhen selecting a new job, gnomes often drop tools and pickup nearby ones---
727UNCONFIRMEDGnomes refusing to use butcher shop---
736UNCONFIRMEDUnderwater dirt floor tiles do not become "muddy"---
739CONFIRMEDCrash with no Gnomoria.log file (0.8.56)---
741UNCONFIRMEDGame Crashes on stair deconstruction---
742UNCONFIRMEDDirt piles do not appear in stockpile "Contents" view---
743UNCONFIRMEDHaulers with wheelbarrow following gnomes holding items---
744UNCONFIRMEDClosing and reopeing trade window enables trade button regardless of cost difference---
745UNCONFIRMEDMerchant trade offer value needs to be calculated based on what's left, not what's removed---
746UNCONFIRMEDObject reference not set to an instance of an object on fighting goblins---
747UNCONFIRMEDQuivers and ammo pouches not being stored in stockpiles---
748UNCONFIRMEDPreview does not match generated world---
753UNCONFIRMEDGnomes steal resources from workshops for storage---
754UNCONFIRMEDCursor/pointer isnt where you really click in Windowed Mode---
755UNCONFIRMEDHospitalized Gnome stacks not being taken care of---
757UNCONFIRMEDBuilders getting confused by ramps---
758UNCONFIRMEDGnomes do not update pathing---
762UNCONFIRMEDHauling straw with wheelbarrows is very inefficient---
763UNCONFIRMEDDig ramp down causes severe lag (again)---
764UNCONFIRMEDLeather strap incompatibility---
765UNCONFIRMEDInterruptions during marking---
769UNCONFIRMEDMerchant delivers Strawberry and Apple Wine when Grape Wine was bought---
771UNCONFIRMED[0.9.2] Game crashes when engaging golems in combat---
772UNCONFIRMEDCannot build walls on floors containing wheelbarrows---
773UNCONFIRMEDPathfinding glitch while building walls in a line---
774UNCONFIRMEDWindmills crash game---
775UNCONFIRMEDPickaxe drops when ramping down---
776UNCONFIRMEDStuck by the well---
777UNCONFIRMEDCan pause game while interface shows game as unpaused---
778UNCONFIRMEDmant cancels job: cannot find path---
780UNCONFIRMEDCombat log in real time---
781UNCONFIRMEDBeetles causing crash during ranged combat---
782UNCONFIRMEDREQUEST: Force transport of items to stockpiles---
783UNCONFIRMEDREQUEST: Shared Workshop Job Queues---
785UNCONFIRMEDGnomes won't carve blocks for Replace Wall/Floor jobs---
786UNCONFIRMEDREQUEST: Gnomes Should Walk On Non-Floor Blocks---
787UNCONFIRMEDGnome refilling ammo too much---
788UNCONFIRMEDMiner drops pickaxe when path is blocked---
794UNCONFIRMEDDialog boxes---
795UNCONFIRMEDClient Crash when Dig actions are active and you mouse scroll to Depth -102---
800UNCONFIRMEDPurchasing drink from merchant does not allow you to stockpile that drink---
801UNCONFIRMEDGnomes craft carpentry ingredients forever---
803UNCONFIRMEDIdle Status despite training---
804UNCONFIRMEDCrash when goblins moves into an activated blade trap---
805UNCONFIRMEDBear right leg, Incorrect sprite---
808UNCONFIRMEDDeactivating the Great Hall can cause Gnomes to idle foreever.---
809UNCONFIRMEDGame froze then corrupted world---
810UNCONFIRMEDWater pressurizer, when released, crashes game.---
813UNCONFIRMEDMassive, nonsense, Flood---
815UNCONFIRMEDGnomoria 0.9.5 - Random keyboard input weirdness---
816UNCONFIRMEDTraining Grounds---
821UNCONFIRMEDAdd "any stone" weapon as an option on uniforms screen---
822UNCONFIRMEDCancelled farm plant did not change into a wild plant---
823UNCONFIRMEDfloating resource while gnome isn't carrying it---
824UNCONFIRMEDGame Crashes within about 2 mins (no action required on my part) - due to removal of stairs---
825UNCONFIRMEDAuto Generated Build Orders are sometimes incorrect---
826UNCONFIRMEDRegular crashes with no common cause. see log---
827UNCONFIRMEDMerchant dies and does not return---
832UNCONFIRMEDPickaxe has disappeared although game still thinks it's at a stockpile---
833UNCONFIRMEDHeavy lag 15 fps or less and merchant has not returned for 2 years (did not die)---
834UNCONFIRMEDgame lags and merchant will not return---
835UNCONFIRMEDThe gnomes are rather idle then to stockpile things---
840UNCONFIRMEDRepeatable Freeze---
841UNCONFIRMEDForum running vulnerable version of SMF---
844UNCONFIRMEDMilitary uniform---
847UNCONFIRMEDMarksgnome range rounding error---
848UNCONFIRMEDInfinity Loading Screen after Monster/golem/Dwarf/items stuck on mechanical wall.---
851UNCONFIRMEDCan't unpause after auto-pause until mouse has moved---
853UNCONFIRMEDSquad names get deleted when you exit the military screen---
854UNCONFIRMEDGame crashes during combat with mants---
855UNCONFIRMEDGnome is dying of thirst in 0.9.7---
856UNCONFIRMEDGame Fails to launch (V0.9.8) from steam or launcher---
859UNCONFIRMEDGolem limbs not displaying correctly---
861UNCONFIRMEDGnomes can't deconstruct stairs when they are on upper floor.---
862UNCONFIRMEDBlind gnomes can't pick item.---
863UNCONFIRMED(0.9.8) In combat log is suffocating and is suffocating.---
864UNCONFIRMEDLava flooding through walls.---
866UNCONFIRMEDInformation missing on outgoing gnomes trading---
868UNCONFIRMEDStocking items with wheelbarrows does not always take stacking into account---
871UNCONFIRMEDWhite Dot Graphical Glitch---
875UNCONFIRMEDAmmo Refilling Crash - Index out of Range---
878UNCONFIRMEDKeyboard control for grove---
879UNCONFIRMEDCrash at Merchant Screen : System.String.RemoveInternal---
880UNCONFIRMEDGame.Behaviors.PickupNextComponent crash---
881UNCONFIRMED[0.9.8 through 0.9.10] stockpiles get filled in order of item type, rather than distance---
882UNCONFIRMEDA running bucket of yak milk---
884UNCONFIRMEDPathfinding through natural cavern slopes leads to death by lava---
885CONFIRMEDPossible pathfinding attempt through lava---
886UNCONFIRMED[0.9.10] "corpse" stockpile does not show anything in contents---
888UNCONFIRMEDGraphical bug---
890UNCONFIRMEDCrash caused by Gnomes with wheelbarrow falling through a hatch---
892UNCONFIRMEDSending insults without the stock causes game crash---
895UNCONFIRMEDWheelbarrow Not Stockpiling Properly---
896UNCONFIRMEDGame quits during save / load---
897UNCONFIRMEDbuilders getting impaled on windmills---
898UNCONFIRMEDGhost items---
899UNCONFIRMEDTracked items amount---
900UNCONFIRMEDCrash on golem killed in 9.13---
901UNCONFIRMEDMechanical walls not crushing as expected---
902UNCONFIRMEDGolems spawning constantly even when turned off at game creation---
903UNCONFIRMEDGame Crashing---
904UNCONFIRMEDGame crashes when trading with trader. (
906UNCONFIRMEDREQUEST: Process building orders non-linearly---
907UNCONFIRMEDCannot deconstruct a triggered trap (v0.9.13.1)---
908UNCONFIRMEDUnable to find a path to traps if built under a ramp (v0.9.13.1)---
909UNCONFIRMEDSending insults not working correctly---
910UNCONFIRMEDGnome Miners pausing on accessable mine wall order, dieing of thirst---
911UNCONFIRMEDStraw count is lost when straw is placed in trough---
912UNCONFIRMEDGnomes attempt to use items that do not exist---
913UNCONFIRMED[0.9.12 through 0.9.14] Gnomes get "stuck" together and don't complete their assigned tasks---
914UNCONFIRMEDGnomes wont stock stockpiles with no empty spaces.---
915UNCONFIRMEDCeramic Ceramic Floor---
916UNCONFIRMED[v0.9.14 ] Raw Stone in Wrong Pile---
917UNCONFIRMEDWeird gnome pathing---
918UNCONFIRMEDEnemies unable to retaliate---
919UNCONFIRMEDItems tracked in some lists and not others---
920UNCONFIRMED[0.9.14] Importing military settings breaks training grounds---
921UNCONFIRMEDMap wont load---
922UNCONFIRMEDMap wont load---

Resolved Bugs

IDSummary (509 tasks) Milestone
168nonexistent items0.8.10.0
181Items removed from gnome tasking list but available in inventory0.8.10.0
182'Ghost' blocks and bars appear after loading0.8.10.0
205Savegame with multiple abandoned and ghost items0.8.10.0
212[] Squads unassigned from Guard Stations on game load0.8.10.0
215Action Bar + Switching Resolution is buggy0.8.10.0
216crash related to Game.TrainingStation.StopSparring()
225Guns stuck in hands0.8.10.0
230Digging downward ramps causes crash0.8.10.0
178Game crash when trying to see the stats of a goblin fighter0.8.12.0
189Weird picking order when crafting0.8.12.0
196Levers powering all devices, even when not connected.
213Mechanical wall down when loading game0.8.12.0
234game crash on trying to view stats on enemy that just died0.8.12.0
237Crash to desktop from main options when changing resolution0.8.12.0
240When converting to decorative stone walls, gnomes become stuck0.8.12.0
245workshop perma-occupied when gnomes were commanded/dead0.8.14.0
252Broken butcher bug0.8.14.0
262Doctor trying to feed an empty bed in hospital0.8.14.0
333Ranged Soldier not using any kind musket0.8.18.0
350Crashing within 15 ingame minutes. Military squad don't use training grounds.
352Crash on load in 0.8.15, persists after upgrade to
354Loading Game Crash0.8.18.0
363Reproducible Crash, Unknown cause0.8.18.0
300Game crashes when trying to right click Grand Hall or clicking Kingdom button0.8.19.0
314Game crashes when calculating room worth0.8.19.0
324Saving crash repeated0.8.19.0
358Gnomes trying to drink from well after it gets deconstructed0.8.19.0
3690.8.18 - Gnomes Die Of Thirst While Standing Next To Well0.8.19.0
372Crash after ~1min0.8.19.0
376random crash, probably something with traps.
3818.18: dead gnome with wool ammo bag full of ammo - sticks pickup0.8.19.0
384Game crashes on 1st day of fall.
388Rancher and yaks are stuck in place0.8.19.0
391[0.8.18] Formation Settings Don't Save0.8.19.0
1Torch is using gem graphic0.8.2.1
2Unobserved exception on save0.8.2.1
9CTD - PathToBed + Workaround0.8.2.1
3680.80.18.1 - Mant Underwater Game-breaking bug0.8.20.0
370[ver] Construction, Animal Husbandry and Butchery gnomes stop doing their jobs0.8.20.0
389Ranchers idle, when tasked to butcher an unreachable corpse.
397Game crash on load 8.18 and
399Butcher shop crash0.8.20.0
402Typing crashing0.8.20.0
403Game Crash on load of world 8.18/19 at Game.GUI.RightClickMenu0.8.20.0
406Game Breaking Combat Bug - Instance
411Leatherworker issues0.8.21
423Crash Caused By deletion of all military entries0.8.21
424Game Crash during hauling and digging at Game.StockItemJob.Complete0.8.21
425Random crash, Object reference not set to an instance of an object.0.8.21
430Combat log issue0.8.21
383Game freeze when "out of focus"/minimized0.8.22
436[0.8.21]Game crash when building door0.8.22
443Bug: Problem with stockpiles/mechanism options disappearing0.8.23
401Gnome Zombie looks like Skelly0.8.24
16Deconstructing of workshop leave extra jobs0.8.26
18[Crash] Saving game multiple times with ESC menu.0.8.26
117[Crash] Game.StockManager.AreItemsAvailable - on world load0.8.26
130[Crash] Deconstruction of Merchant Stall while merchant is present0.8.26
192[Crash] Game.Behaviors.FindCharacter.a0.8.26
274[Crash] on load - Game.Body.Update0.8.26
301[Crash] ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException - Trading nonexistent items that is left in "prepare to sell" window0.8.26
347[Crash] Game.Character.Update - Pasturing a Yak that bleeds to death0.8.26
4672x Bronze bar requirement not labeled right0.8.26
476[Crash] Broken Saved Game - Reproducible crash0.8.26
478[] Object reference not set to an instance of an object; Game.Behaviors.PathToChair0.8.26
4790.8.25 - Wheat Straw doesn't go in any container0.8.26
480Wrench is not listed as craftable by Blacksmith0.8.26
502Gnomes are stuck0.8.28
5038.27 crafting bolts queues a screw. No item screw available for crafting.0.8.28
477A weapon that becomes Legendary can get gnomes to be stuck0.8.29
498Weird stock value (0.8.26)0.8.29
505Pine Dresser glitches gnomes with Horticulture and Construction0.8.29
506Gnome builders stuck when building fences.0.8.29
509Mine Stairs Up, Incorrect Sprite0.8.29
516Game Crashs while Saving [ver.0.8.28]0.8.29
520Equipment at Map Edge: Non-Interactable0.8.29
3Character not avialable in this SpriteFont0.8.3.0
4Resolution change causing crash.
13Ability not to install XNA framework at every instalation/update0.8.3.0
26Windows appearing above windowed Gnomoria causes crash0.8.3.0
27Traps + Goblin triggering it, Crashes game0.8.3.0
28Crash after load for unknow reason0.8.3.0
32Game crashes when butchering a yak corpse.
35Mine designation + Stairs dig down - get miner stuck in a hole0.8.3.0
44Remove floor near Torch - hangs game | savegame link included0.8.3.0
288Gnomes will mix ores when making metal0.8.30
486Gnomes in hospital don't give up their task0.8.30
504[Crash] Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.SpriteBatch.Begin - Clicking "Build" after selecting the Well in the Toolbar > Build > Workshops menu0.8.30
521Cooking locking up0.8.30
523Springs are missing from machine shop selection0.8.30
535[Crash] ArgumentOutOfRangeException in Game.SmeltItemJob.Complete()0.8.31
5380.8.30 Invalid Equipment / Weapons being left all over the edges of the map.0.8.31
542After updating to version 8.31 my save kingdom crashes momentarily after loading.0.8.32
543Dig hole command sometimes just removes floor0.8.32
544Smelter missing from workshop popup0.8.32
561Dig ramp down Causes Sleep.0.8.36
565auto-generated jobs for brick blocks queueing to incorrect crafter0.8.37
102[Crash] Building above level 250.8.38
277No image for gemmed necklace or ring.0.8.38
525Mechanical Wall and Water Issue0.8.38
571Game crashes when deconstructing some tiles0.8.38
572Crash related to using ranged weapons, introduced with .8.370.8.38
323It never stops raining.0.8.39
537[0.8.30][bug/exploit] Merchant: value of gemmed jewelry changes on every transaction0.8.39
552Deconstructing an active Mechanical Wall leaves a floor that cannot be removed.0.8.39
562Crashes when gnome place gearbox causing mechanical wall to raise and kill gnome (steam 0.8.34)0.8.39
573game crashes when a mechanical wall built at +25 raises0.8.39
578Hatches and water0.8.39
579Closed hatches are transparent in terms of lighting and spotting enemies0.8.39
5Copper Felling Axe using rock graphic0.8.4.0
21Crash on save: unobserved exception (
29Crash on dig ramp down where there are 2 ramps up and it is a single block0.8.4.0
51crash when loaded save0.8.4.0
53Crash when deselecting items stored in stockpile (ArgumentOutOfRangeException)
92Worlds save until after restart Gnomoria0.8.4.0
93strange save that doesnt overwrite itself.
106Flickering gnomes, when using food items0.8.4.0
111Certain finished good can't be placed in containers.
114Game crash when loading a world save.
131Suggestion: Coins need to be added to Stockpile list0.8.4.0
276Gnome missing right arm still carries wepon in right hand0.8.40
581Merchant alignment incorrect on resized windows0.8.40
583Merchant crash when resume trade0.8.40
584Gnome with missing limb tries to get tool in infinite loop0.8.40
587[Crash] Opening Market causes crash.0.8.40
588[0.8.39] [crash] Opening market can causes crash0.8.40
589Crash when re-opening marketstall with right click.0.8.40
591Mants dont drown0.8.40
586Gnomes does not properly upgrade their "secondary" armor pieces0.8.41
595Game crashed when trying to change job type priorities for miner0.8.41
603Some saves don't load due to NullReferenceException at Game.Job..ctor(BinaryReader reader)0.8.42
606Crash while loading level0.8.42
615Bars From Ore No Longer Auto-Generating At Forge0.8.43.1
623Any becomes Grape0.8.43.1
311"Well" and "Grove" only show in the right-click menu0.8.44
631Game crash on savegame load
575Tree clippings planted (grove) in shadow remain in shadow even if floor tile above is removed.0.8.45
582Windmill operational check on building only0.8.45
607Scout actually squares torches vision range0.8.45
620Bone armor(shirt) not storing in chests/crate0.8.45
621Removed hill displaying a shadow preventing fauna growth0.8.45
622Pasture may not work when one animal is not reachable0.8.45
624Export Professions or Military with invalid file name causes crash0.8.45
630Gam crash on load at Game.TrainingStation.StartSparring()0.8.45
632Game freezes0.8.45
633Dormitory and Bed Priority problem0.8.45
636Deterministic crash0.8.45
558After falling down a hatch, enemies (sometimes/under specific circumstances?) respawn at the top of the hatch.0.8.46
639Tinker Bench assigned to gnome, other gnomes using it0.8.46
640Game running at about 5 FPS in attached world0.8.46
641Fill hole order crashes the game.0.8.46
642Unable to designate some tiles0.8.46
643Water no longer flows0.8.46
644Food/Drink Highlighting0.8.46
647"-1 Gnomads have arrived"0.8.46
648Game crash -random .8.450.8.46
650Gnomoria game freezes (version 8.45 or 8.46)0.8.48
652Spreading grass leads to hang, performance issues, eventual freeze0.8.48
655Stockpile Options Missing #1 - Mechanism > Device > Pump #2 - Furniture > Trough0.8.49
673[Crash] System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException - Random Crash0.8.49
674when dragging in corpses they turn into rocks in transit to butcher shop0.8.49
6750.8.48.1 crashing0.8.49
676Startup Crash on version
677Game crashed after playing several hours at seamingly random moment (
678Three crashes since 08.48.1 installed0.8.49
681Corpse graphic error0.8.49
8Clay only gets hauled after all dirt is picked up0.8.5.0
17Saplings cant be removed after placing one0.8.5.0
41Lag when multiple gnomes are idle0.8.5.0
49Spazzing builders - trying to make wall0.8.5.0
123Found possible fix to why lag occurs with gnomes in idle0.8.5.0
127crash in merchant window when edit quantity with no selection0.8.5.0
149All Log Stockpiles prefer the first type of wood ever stockpiled0.8.5.0
585Merchants repeat to leave their market stall for a single frame0.8.51
686Crash (v 8.50)0.8.51
702Crash (v 8.51.1)0.8.52
700Massive Lag during gameplay0.8.53
704Clean Floor sending raw stone to wrong stockpiles0.8.53
706Marble Statues in Apple wood stockpile0.8.53
712Node for screws0.8.53
716Stockpile Contents Tab Merchant Bug0.8.53
719[Crash] 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.0.8.53
722Strange bolt names0.8.54
7280.8.55.0 game crash (after job completed according to the log file)0.8.56
729The game crashes when saving and exiting. (Not all saves)0.8.56
730Preliminary Xbox360 controller support is troublesome0.8.56
731Crash when deconstructing statue0.8.56
732[Crash] Consistently at 12:32 in NavGraphNode.Equals0.8.56
733Smelters no longer producing bars from gnome-made goods0.8.56
54Floor tile replacement as one job0.8.6.0
57Merge designations of the same type0.8.6.0
71Ability to Toggle designation highlighting.
95Stockpiles - Gnomes won't replace single items with containers0.8.6.0
47Crash on save - part deux0.8.7.0
141Corrupted .sav file - Please check0.8.7.0
161Massive lag after hauling jobs done.
163Lag and most gnomes clustered in Great Hall in
164reproducible crash bug0.8.7.0
170Game crashes when trying to load old save0.8.7.0
150Crafting Station Task Cancel&Re-Order Crash0.8.8.0
180Gnomes not re-equipping two handed weapons after dropping to eat/drink0.8.8.0
184Crash on Tailor reordering of queue0.8.8.0
187Double worth reduction when removing walls or floors0.8.8.0
206Save File Bloating0.8.9.0
223Game crashes when loading maps made or saved in v0.
740New sound effects Ignoring volume slider.0.9.1
865[0.9.8] "Send Merchant" window allows selection of trader who is asleep - and then trade doesn't occur0.9.10
873Gnomes Stick On Scheduled Training Until Exhaustion Or Death0.9.10
874Deconstructed stairs and walls become uninteractable0.9.10
876Unable to change difficulty ingame for peaceful mode from advanced settings dialog0.9.10
877[Crash] Removing floor after deconstructing a workshop - Reproducible crash0.9.10
883Dig "Stairs Down" over Lava causes crash0.9.11
752Mining next to a torch causes gnomes to pick up torch0.9.2
779corrupt save file0.9.4
828[Crash] Merchant Trade0.9.7
829Crash on sending merchant, non-traveling0.9.7
839Game crashes when clicking on a dead ambassador name in the diplomacy tab0.9.7
842Ambassadors demand Privacy (Walls and Door) after game load0.9.7
846Crash when using butcher shop.0.9.8
850Thatch Ramps build incorrectly and rotate position incorrectly when the camera rotates0.9.8
8520.9.7.0: Crash when attempting to build sawblade0.9.8
6Hotkeys (e, f, wasd, etc.) still active while typing in textboxes---
7Changing animal count on Pasture during creation causes it to be 0---
10Crash on Alt-Tab---
19Missing Great Hall Crash---
20random crashs---
22Changing Gnome name on [Status] tab - not showing correctly on [Assign] tab---
23Crate/Barrels/Bags in stockpile - change amount get ignored---
24Hauler Error with Water---
25gnome stuck when hauling resources to bench---
31Save creation version into saves---
34Scroll wheel is unusable in most menus.---
36Crash when removing floor on which something is.---
37Quick test bug---
38Sometimes when digging ramps with 3 gnomes the game crashes---
39Gnome not moving off bandage after healing---
40Gnomes getting stuck on ledges when hauling---
42Gnome not equipping armor or weapons---
43Some levels have stuttering---
46Crash when attempting to copy kingdom name---
48FPS drop designating walls to be built---
50Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.---
52Can't remove fancy floor tiles---
55Grove designation for automatic replanting of trees---
68Medic skills/profession---
86Game Lags for long periods of time (if not permanent)---
87Games stopped saving after a few hours of game play---
88Game is lagging whole OS when beeing in background---
91FPS drop when too many gnomes on same job---
94Stockpiles ceased working---
96Random Crash---
97No Model---
98crash when loaded save---
99Picked up new boots other he worn dissapeard.---
103Possible Insta-Cavern Bug?---
104Wonky Pathfinding on gnomes---
107Gnome dying of thirst and has access to drinks---
108Running Zune application interferes with main menu---
109Gnomes don't prioritize healing---
112flood causes (lag?) crash---
113Scrolling over a portion of the map makes the game crash---
116Items in previous storehouses are not moved---
118Suggestion: Add full 360 degree view---
121Game crash when digging holes from mountain tops and the character falls a level---
129Crash while viewing area or saving---
132Weird gnome pathing---
133Injured gnomes get stuck on bandages---
134Animals that are removed from Job Queue in Butcher Shop don't go back into the livestock column---
135Statues can only face two directions---
136Crash when mining wall---
137Suggestion: We need more services than just bandages to help our wounded---
140Bug: Path finding type bug---
142Tinker workshops do not cancel jobs.---
145Bug: Floor removing type bug---
146UI memory leak causes escalating lag/memory usage---
147market removal crash---
151Unable to right click a farm if has no empty tiles---
152Saving "happens" but game is not saved---
153[0.8.5] Haulers stuck on job square---
155The information presented in the "Stocks" tally isn't showing total item count correctly.---
156Crash when changing music volume---
157Dying of thirst due to not moving---
158Gnomes not doing some jobs---
159Gnomes periodically skip or lag no matter what they're doing.---
160Cannot Dig Stairs / Ramp Down Into Ore---
162Gnome soldier can't bandage himself---
165Removing a Ramp which the Gnome UI uses as a fast/direct path causes the game to crash - even though there are other alternative paths.---
166start up screen does not respond---
169Builder getting tired while building, materials getting hauled back, infinite loop---
171Butcher shop is working even after when is full, but then game randomly crashes---
172shift+key make buttons unresponsive on next launch.---
173Can't remove furniture---
174Deconstructing furniture buggy---
175[Crash] NoSuitableGraphicsDeviceException with dual monitor setup---
176Forge menu (Repeat) oddity---
177Gnome Merchant needs to bandage themselves in case their wounded---
179Crash upon emu bleeding to death---
183Stocks + Items = Inconsistent Reporting---
185Purple Screen of Death---
188Gnome stuck on crate while trying to build/craft with stone---
190Gnome stuck behind statue---
191Mining coal, ore, gems leaves tile shaded---
193Gnome can pass through a 'narrow wall edge' when sparring---
194Digging ramps causes noticeable lag---
195Multiple gnomes getting stuck on same square when picking up/dropping items.---
197Bug: "Hanging" green jobs due to military---
201[Crash] ButcherShop---
207Version 8.8 impossible to launch game---
208Input barely responsive---
209Lag glitch when gnomes place wood walls.---
217oak trees look like pine trees---
219Renaming with QSWD keys make the input canceled---
220Game crashes within some 4 ingame hours.---
221Crash when crafting musket rounds and bolts (Index was outside the bounds of the array)---
224Unable to assign 'remove wall' task even though the target is fully accessible.---
227Crash when moving dead animals---
228Tug of war crashes---
229Tug of war causes crash---
233Cannot use shortcut keys when cursor happens to be on top of a button---
236When population is greather than 26 gnomes, game becomes very slow for time---
238Gnomoria crashed just after clicking icon.---
239Gnomes will not visit nearest bandages---
241[CRASH] Deconstruct Full Market Stall v0.8.10.1---
242I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up---
243Crafting ranged ammunition from different metals causes confusion in gnomes---
244Gnome trying to do work he's not assigned to.---
246Goblin death freeze/crash---
247Game crashes when trying to set resolution to "2560x1440" in Fullscreen.---
248Cooking Broken in
249Gnomes do not build---
250Axel Breaks pathing + crash on save and exit0.8.12.1---
251Lag when gnomes are stuck---
253Gnome dying of thirst (can still move and not in combat)---
254Name Appendixes in Squad do not get cleared when squad is disbanded---
255Item values don't make sense, and lead to Gnomes not upgrading their tools/weapons/armor---
259Game Crashes when male yak is ordered to be slaughtered.---
260Unbelivible Lag When digging ramps down and holes also building. Unbearable!! please fix.---
261slaughtering a yak that is in a line for milking = crash---
263Saving crash repeated---
264Military groups---
267Gnome Soldiers once assigned stay soldiers even when squad is disbanded.---
268Gnomes passing out from Exhaustion---
271Picking up a torch to place causes crash---
272Military Bug---
273Can't place door on "Personal Quarters"---
275Crash when removing designation from stockpile while it's currently being used---
278Workers hate non copper tools---
279Deconstruction Bauxite Statue makes it untouchable---
281Unarmed Gnomes run from armed goblins even when in a squad and told to attack---
282Gnomes do not unequip quivers after leaving squad.---
283Grass has stopped spreading.---
284Random bug crash---
286Random Bag Image---
287Enu Eggs display as "Egg Eggs" in the trade screen---
289Gnomes ignoring a section of trees.---
290Repeatable crash bug---
294Flintlock Pistols and Blunderbusses are not being stored in crates---
296Mysterious "zzz" sleep symbol---
297(0.8.15) Hauler tries to steal Weapons and Armor---
298Haulers prioritize items on different Z-levels as if they are closer than those on the same Z-level---
299Gnomes go idle when too many items are present and mining operations are preformed.---
302Cotton and Wool decrease in value after being turned to cloth---
304[Crash] System.ThrowHelper.ThrowInvalidOperationException - Game refuses to load, similar to #293---
305[Crash] Game.Behaviors.PathToChair - Trapped gnome---
306Doctors not bandaging patients---
307Low FPS with gnomes with large line of sight (scout perk)---
308[Crash] Game.Body.Update---
310Crashes to Desktop every time I try to deconstruct a specific market stall---
312[Crash] System.Threading.Tasks.TaskExceptionHolder.Finalize() - trying to save v0.8.15---
313[Crash] Game.StockItemJob.Complete---
319Build Stairs Down job is assigned, but gnome is doing something else.---
320[Crash] System.ThrowHelper.ThrowInvalidOperationException---
325Selling Items---
326Crash on Save (repeatable)---
327Crash on first day of summer year 1---
328[0.8.16] Soldier stuck after battle---
329Trees can grow on stone.---
330Honey Badgers give 30 pieces of meat---
331The Military Cannot attack Beetles/Cacoons---
332Duplicate and lock item---
334Wild animals confuse military/ Military not registering wild animals which already left.---
335[] Crash with Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.---
336[]Crash in Game.Beetle.Update Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.---
337[0.8.16]Save file is not updated, causes game crash after attempting save---
338Crash on same ingame time: 7:44---
341Beetles (and mants) infinitely increase if your Gnome fortress is isolated from the world - extreme slow down or crash when you open the fort.---
342[Crash] Game.GUI.RightClickMenu - loading a save game (
345Gnomoria job crash details spawning beetle?---
349Cannot stockpile 2H weapons - Freezes gnomes---
351[] Merchant pathfinding crashes game---
353save game crash after merchant stuck---
356[Crash] Game.Behaviors.PerformJob - Random Crash---
357Dead enemy got rank after animal bled to death---
360Job priorities!---
362Crashed for tree behavior & then crash on load---
364apparent graphic glitch crash---
366Different Uniforms/perks on different Squads not possible - always changes the chosen uniform/perk for all squads---
3670.8.18.1 Bedroom bug---
374builder in infinite loop when building wall---
377XNA related appcrash on startup / System.InvalidOperationException---
378[] CLR20r3 crash---
380[Crash] Microsoft.Xna.Framework.WindowsGameHost.RunOneFrame - Instantly after run---
385[0.8.18] Reproducable save crash---
390[0.8.18] Pathfinding: gnomes ignore floor/ceiling when calculating distance---
392gnomes refuse to tailor---
393Pathfinding problem---
394Crash when loading or starting a game---
395Game stops responding when minimizes or not active---
396Stockpile List Bug---
405Unhappy Gnomes will not equip armor---
407Unable to load saved game---
412version Object reference not set to an object instance---
413[Crash] Microsoft.Xna.Framework.WindowsGameHost.RunOneFrame - Dual monitors---
422Crash on deconstruct stairs---
427Random Crashes on Main Menu and Map Generation---
432Game goes unresponsive if minimized---
434Crash on load 8.21---
446[Crash] ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException - hitting "Trade" in the Merchant Screen---
450Corpses not registering / being ignored---
457[Possible Bug... or Intentional?] Wheat farms grow extremely slowly.---
459Allow "Replace Floor" beneath Workshops, Furniture, etc.---
460Crash Writing in Marketstall amount field [0.8.24]---
461[Crash] Mining "Ramp Up" on a wall that has been removed by previous "Stairs Up" job---
465Pathfinding when crafting workshop---
490Deconstruction deconstructs an object and tile under it if it's a 'constructed' type (ie. block)---
492Hauling - One-armed Haulers Unable to Haul Two-Handed Weapons.---
497[Crash] Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.SpriteBatch.BeginWell - Clicking on Well causes crash---
507Crash upon large merchant trade---
508Gnomoria won't start unless speakers are plugged in---
512Selling legendary weapons puts kingdom worth on negative---
515Game Crashs while Saving [ver.0.8.28]---
522Random Crash---
524Sandvich Lockup Bug---
526Butcher Fighting over livestock/corpses---
527Animals not being pastured---
528Farms and Groves randomly ceasing---
533Please Remove---
534Gamecrash with Day/Night change---
536[0.8.30][Crash] crash if smelter task input items are removed by other gnomes---
539[0.8.30]MakeCocoon Index out of Bounds Crash---
541[0.8.30]Crash After Kingdom Falls---
545Game doesnt save after deconstruct Workshop with autoqueued jobs.---
546bronze requires two bronze for auto crafting---
548[Crash] Game.GUI.RightClickMenu on loading---
549crafting creates unnecessary jobs---
551Crash when building a powered mechanical wall---
559Automatic job queuing creates extra items---
560Tooltips in Military popup not clearing---
563[Crash] Opening Dropdown menu in military tab for Weapons/Armor---
56415min load time due to lot of items and StockManager.IsItemInStocks---
568cant select resolutions wider than 1920---
569Text input constantly resets to start of text field with every keyboard press---
601Crash when tried to butcher male yak---
602no maltiplyarzz!!!1---
610Crash on removing Stockpiles---
611[Crash] Deconstructing stairs while floor being replaced---
617Gnomes don't respect task order in workshops when ingredients are created on demand---
637Livestock Vanish---
638Livestock feeding---
645Smelting armour items (not worn items) produces no slivers---
649Yaks are going to stockpile to feed themselves. They don't stay in their pasture.---
656Cursor 'Highlight Cube' Alignment Consistency (w/ screenshots)---
660Crashes During Preview---
661Internal Server Errors (Error 500)---
664Game crashes when trading with merchant---
671[Crash] Version - Unknown Reason---
680Wheelbarrow crashing issues---
682Farm harvesting/planting priority should be "farm", but is currently "agriculture"---
683crash on Trade click---
684"Stocks" panel count of Greaves does not match physical objects---
692Crash after killing wild animal---
696Wrong total items count for one item type in stocks dialog---
697Gnomes ignoring stockpiled items and jobs---
698unusable items---
717"Fell Trees" job ignored---
721Yaks Vanishing---
723Pathfinding Issue with Fruit in Crates---
734Gnomoria (Steam) runs without Steam---
735Decontructing causes crash---
737[Crash] Game.NavGraphNode.Equals---
738Animal vs same animal type---
749Furniture can't be deconstructed---
759"Clear Floor" fails on floors with a wall torch---
760"Clear Floor" fails on floors with a wall torch---
761Fighter Bug---
770New Patch Causes Crash when Hitting Play---
784REQUEST: Expand Existing Designated Areas---
789Tower Shield Smelting---
791Wooden shield cant be equipped via Uniforms---
792Problem with building wells!---
802Critical Bug - Gnomes cannot sleep---
806Gnomoria not fully respecting mouse settings on Windows 7/8---
812wooden shield and stone weapons cannot be stored in crates like other weapon and armor types---
814game won't load---
820Workshops don't respect queue order---
831Leather straps craft to is incorrect/unclear---
836Ambassador requirements reset on game load---
845New gnomads slow game down when walled in.---
857Enemies spawn on peaceful after latest 0.9.8 patch---
858Prospector's workshop "craft to" behaves silly. (v 0.9.8)---
869Crashes on year 2, 7th of Summer.---
870Personal Quarters meant for ambassadors taken by my own gnomes because they want better sleep?---
8930.9.12 - Gnomes destroy mushroom farm---
905Build orders ignore preexisting planks---